RHINO PUMPS repairs ALL brands of pumps.  In fact many times we can be a faster, higher quality, and less expensive option than wherever you may have purchased your pump originally.  Take advantage of our no-strings attached policy, we will tear-down your pump free of cost and provide a repair estimate, if you do not feel our price is fair you are welcome to take your pump back at no charge. 



RHINO PUMPS has milling, turning, straightening, and many other machining capabilities at our facility in American Fork.  This helps us to control quality, have faster turn around times, and pass savings on to you.


With the ability to fabricate we can custom build baseplates, discharge heads, and many other pump ancillary items to better fit your application.


There are many coatings available that will prolong the life of a pump for very little additional cost.  Let us help you determine what may work well for you, and we can apply the coating in our facility.


Often problems with pumps are due to their installation, or the system they are attached to.  With our on-site service, we can provide a better repair by ensuring that whatever it was that caused the pump to fail will not fail next time.